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Security Consulting Services in Ottawa Canada

About Us

We are an information security company focusing on real world threats.

We concentrate on the latest threats to organizations today. We perform in-depth analysis, determine organization/business risk, and find the vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. Our team includes internationally renowned experts who have been featured at various Security Conferences world-wide and hold leading industry Certifications.

Our Services

We offer a full selection of services to help you achieve success. Whether it's Technical Audit, Compliance, Certification & Accreditation or part of your Security evaluation programme, we're here to help.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments

Scans of in-scope systems where we manually verify issues and confirm if we can successfully exploit these issues. We report on the issues that actually have a real risk to your organization, not just an automatically generated report.

Red Team Adversary Simulation

A full scale assessment that puts your entire Security capabilities to the test. This helps assess your strengths and areas for improvement and is fully collaborative with Blue teams.

Web Application Penetration Testing

An in-depth analysis of your web application to find vulnerabilities related to programming errors, misconfiguration, and application architectural issues. We will perform automated and manual runtime analysis of your application. We create custom test cases to fuzz your application and find the faults before the bad guys do.

Advanced Product/Hardware/Software Testing

This is a highly customized assessment designed for you and your specific needs. Depending on the product, we will analyze custom protocols, reverse engineer OS and firmware, and analyze and fuzz network protocols. We have tested a range of products from IoT devices to Energy sector Utilities devices.

Insider Threat Assessment

We start as a low privilege user and attempt to move through the network in an attempt to access the data the matters to you. This assessment simulates that of a compromised internal host/user or a rogue trusted insider. We determine your risk when the egg shell is cracked. Even a seemingly insignificant compromise can have big consequences, and our goal is to demonstrate this risk.


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